Regaining my privacy on line

Just starting to confront a battle of getting back to having some genuine on line privacy. As a long time user of gmail I always knew that Google could read my mail and serve me ads to suit. However it is so clear that many many others can read my mail too. Time to establish some personal space.
I think I’ll need:
Encrypted messaging
Encrypted email

Im not trying to be anonymous and I really don’t have any offensive views so I’m happy if you know who I (really) am.

How did I get here?

In my search for a short domain name I was so delighted to find that was available.  I just loved the idea of being able to play games with the domain name like:
I had to go and look up what the .io domain was all about. The British Indian Ocean Territory (Wikipedia here) is not somewhere I’ve spent any time.  Still, I liked the name. It’s taken me forever to get things on line and I’m motivated now to blog a little about internet security, privacy, politics, online freedoms and so on. Happy reading out there.